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for well-being of mind, body and emotions

Welcome to the change you have been looking for!


Are you feeling overwhelmed or stressed?

Life is getting busier and busier but this can be less fulfilling!  Are you unappreciated and not really being heard by others? Do you feel empty inside or unsatisfied and don't know why? When you understand how the mind, body and emotions work together you can take charge of your life.

Have you had enough of your situation in life and want to change?

This is the moment when you are ready to start living your full potential! Imagine if you were guided into making new positive habits, and your life started changing for the better in every way. EVERYTHING in your life changes when you start going within to your Core Self. You are better able to deal with any challenges that arise when you know and understand your Self.  

The Core Self Awakening wellness program will show you how to do this physically, emotionally and mentally as we dive deeper into the truth about ourselves.  When you awaken your core self you will experience relief and bliss.


Not sure where to start?  Click "contact me" for a FREE consultation.  It can be via phone, email or Skype. My phone number is +61 0400841184 and my Skype is Ritza-OHG 

My mission is to help people enjoy their life in a happy and healthy way. I do this through teaching meditation and fun physical activities at retreats and classes.



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